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Virtual Tour

Explore the Nelson Mandela Capture site through a virtual tour of the Visitor Centre and sculpture. 

The tour includes video, high quality graphics and content about the Capture Site. 


Make a contribution.

In a typical month, the Capture Site employs over 35 staff, welcomes around 500 visitors per day, hosts numerous school groups and education programmes, trains 25 young adults for the hospitality and tourism industry and supports local businesses through construction and upgrade projects.

Your contributions through ticket sales, memberships, donations and through the shop, helps keep all this going. Please consider making a contribution through pre-buying a ticket, membership or making a donation. 

International Credit Cards Accepted 

 * The virtual tour is best seen on a desktop in full screen with your audio turned on. 

 * The virtual tour is not yet suitable for smartphones. 

 * Please be patient while the content loads, especially if you have slower internet speeds.

 * Download the desktop version if you do not want to view it online or you have slow internet


Mac users having trouble...follow the link

The virtual tour below is a snippet of what you will see. For the full experience click on the link above.

* for phone / tablet users, open this teaser on your Vimeo app

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