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Our Education Centre is open for School tours from Grade 4 to Grade 12. 

Ticket prices for School Tours

Scholars and Teachers per person     R30.


Payments can be made by online using credit card and Zapper or at the ticket office. 

Concession Tickets

Schools from Quintile 1,2,3 - No Charge

Schools from Quintile 4 - 50% discount

Schools from Quintile 5 - No discount 

How will the school tours be run?

Schools will be divided into groups and allocated a guide who will accompany them on a 2-hour educational programme. 

A typical school tour will run as follows: 

- Arrival and orientation (15/20 minutes)

- Learners divided into groups (5 minutes)

- Groups take turns to explore different areas of the Site and complete written and discussion-based activities in the Education Centre. (95 minutes)

- Departure

What will learners do on an Educational Tour?

Each programme has been carefully designed to link closely with the CAPS curriculum.

Grade 4: Learning from leaders

Grade 5: A heritage trail through the provinces of South Africa

Grade 6: Democracy and citizenship in South Africa

Grade 7: Co-operations and conflict on the frontiers of the Cape Colony in the early 19th Century.

Grade 8: The scramble for Africa: Late 19th Century.

Grade 9: Turning points in South African history

Grade 10: The South African war and Union

Grade 11: Apartheid South Africa 1940s to 1960s

Grade 12: The coming of democracy to South Africa and coming to terms with the past. 

Learners from other subject areas and grades are also encouraged to visit the Site. Our education specialist will design a specific lesson to suit your school's needs.

Please note:

We may not be able to accommodate schools who do not book.

The maximum number of learners we can accommodate at one time is 120.

School groups who have not booked may not be given entry to the Visitor Centre but are encouraged to visit the sculpture and restaurant. 

When booking a school tour you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions: 

  • Bookings need to be confirmed a week beforehand. There is no guarantee that the school can be accommodated if the tour is not confirmed.

  • Please notify us if the school is unable to attend at least a week beforehand.

  • If you arrive late, your school may forfeit your guided tour and may not be granted access to the Visitor Centre.

  • The Visitor Centre opens at 9 am, and school tours take a minimum of two hours. Learners will not benefit from the experience if the tour is cut short.

  • Teachers are expected to accompany the children with the guide on the tour, and are responsible for the behaviour of the learners during the tour.

  • Teachers are encouraged to visit the Visitor Centre before bringing their learners. We will not charge for this visit for a maximum of two teachers per school visit.

  • Tours are designed for different age groups. 

  • Learners will each be given a booklet to work with in the Visitor Centre, designed for their grade level. Teachers can also use these booklets in follow-up lessons when they return to school.

  • Every learner must bring a pen to complete some written activities in the Visitor Centre.

  • No food is allowed in the Visitor Centre. If learners require a snack break during the tour, this can be negotiated with the guide.

  • Alcohol is not permitted in the Visitor Centre. Teachers or children who are inebriated will not be allowed access to the Visitor Centre. 


      We look forward to your visit.    


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